Scalable & Secure IoT Platform for Innovation of Things

We simplified designing and operating a cloud app for your smart devices, be it a single device, a gateway or a collection of devices in a smart solution.

More importantly, in the world of smart, connected devices, device manufacturers need to constantly innovate and evolve your products. We designed our IoT platform to capture that smart product life cycle where limit is only your imagination.

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Simplifying all stages of iterative smart product lifecycle - design, operate, analyze, innovate.


Designing a cloud solution using your smart device is extremely easy. Our customers think that we are generation ahead of competitions. We auto generate code for many device platforms and generate mobile and web app out-of-the-box for monitoring and control.


Using our policy based configurations make device deployment breeze. The operation dashboard is simple and intuitive and is accessible from web and mobile. The dashboard also allows different levels of access controls.


The intelligent analytics support help you learn about your device parameter changes and device usages. The learning from analytics can be used to make decisions about devices and device-to-device interactions.


Product managers and product marketing can use product and feature usage analytics to fine tune product offering for different customer segments. Using our product innovation dashboard you can try different cloud augmentation to products and test the usage pattern.


We focus on our customer's success in smart connected world. Here are the key benefits:

Reduce Time-to-Market

We have made it so simple for our customer to come up with a cloud based product in no time. We generate code that goes in to device, based on a device model. In addition we automatically create application both in web and mobile to interact with device.

Simplify Product Evolution & Innovation

Key to compete in the world of smart devices is differentiate by constantly evolving the product through innovation. Our innovation dashboard allows product and marketing team to learn product usage and make incremental changes and test it in real world.

Simplify Product Deployment & Operation

Policy based product parameter and behavior configuration simplify deployment and operation of the cloud augmented devices.

Get Started Even Before Your Device is Ready

With virtual device you can get a feel of the solution and data visualizations using the platform even before your devices are ready and humming. Virtual devices use the same communication protocols as a real devices would use.